You have a blog or are writing an article for your local newspaper, or what ever; you are a pretty good writer, have plenty of experience, and are good at spotting errors when reading your work. So why should you bother with paying someone to edit your work? The simple answer is that everyone, no matter our skill level or experience in writing, all make mistakes, every time we write. Some make more and some less, but all make them.

There is also the fact that having a second pair of eyes, (an outside perspective) helps not only with spotting grammar and spelling errors, but also with offering good suggestings on the “right” wording that you as the writer may not have picked up first hand. To have someone both look over your writing to spot errors and to offer up ways to improve your messiaging is an invlouable tool to have when writing; from the novice writer to the 30 year strong vetren. If you write, you need an editor that’s the fact!

Paticualtly, because most likly if you are wirting, you have a reason and mission for your writing. You are going to want others to read your writing and take away from it what you want them to. In order to get the best results from your writing and the best and most reviews/responses, then your writing needs not to just tell the story or explain the position, but do so in a compelling and interesting way, that keeps the reader “glued” to your words.

This will always, always work best when you have at least one other person besides yourself going over your work and offering feedback before you “publish” it. So the next time you have something to write with a perticualar goul in mind, don’t work on it alone. Get an edditor!