More and more people are spending more of there time on social media sites, be it for entertainment, for news, or to connect with friends, family, and others. There is now often a lot more concern in the news media and elsewhere lately for just how social media is affecting all aspects of society both the good and the bad, though lately more concern for the harmful effects. I want to talk to you about just how many people in the United States are spending their time on social media platforms. Along with how much time, which ones and how much the trend has grown over the last few years; and of course how that shows the importance of businesses and organizations maintaining a social media presence to improve and develop.

Not only has social media use grown big among the United States population and continues to grow, but it has done so in only a relatively small period. From 10% in 2008 to 77% percent in 2018 the number of people in the U.S. that had a social media profile had had went from a relatively small amount to more than half the population in only ten years.

Take a look at graph.


Social media use has skyrocketed very fast and in a short amount of time with no real sign of slowing. Yes, 2018 has lost 2017 gains and is the same as in 2016, but that is likely linked to the rise in privacy concerns by google, facebook, and other technology companies as well as the spread of misinformation and “fake accounts.”

Below you is a chart from the Pew Research CenterĀ about how many times per day U.S. adults will visit different social media platforms. You can also more and other data here.

The top two for adults being Facebook and Snapchat with 59% and 49 % respectively for adults visiting those sites several times a day.

As one can see from these statistics social media use is a big deal in the United States and is why is why it is an essential part of any business’s advertising and growth strategy for reaching potential customers and even keeping current ones. In having a social media strategy for your company or organization, because of the many different social media platforms out there and the many different social media pages, any approach taken has to include making sure that your “presence” is constant and regularly updated with new content all the time.

A time-consuming prospect, but a necessary one to keep people coming to check out your business page on Facebook or whatever. And because one already has their hands full with other aspects of said business maintaining a page on Facebook or other platforms can fall to the wayside or become whether inconsistent. This is the worse thing that you can do for as shown in the graphs, adults in the U.S. are constantly on many different social media platforms and when they are they are always choosing between many pages that peak their curiosity and if that is not kept they will quickly move to the next one and most likely not return.

Even for something as simple as sharing pictures about your business and its activities or something like an inspirational quote a day to keep your page active is very time-consuming. Now it does not seem like it, but it is, and because it does not seem so, it is easy to put off. This is why it is best to have someone use job it is to keep your social media activity/presence alive and active and not just social media but your website as well, for the two are intimately connected when it comes to reaching out to potential customers.

So, when it comes to advertising your business and reaching out to potential customers, there very much is a reason for why social media should if it does not already play a huge role in doing so. When including such in your marketing strategy to introduce yourself and your business to others, your social media presence does need to be constant with something new added ideally at least once a day to keep attracting all those social media users to your site instead of elsewhere.