Update Your Website/Facebook Page

Do you have a website or Facebook/social media page for your business/organization but don’t keep it up to date with relevant content and just don’t have the time? Well, you are in the right place, I will be happy to do so for you. Just tell me what needs doing and what basic content needs updating/added, and I will do so for you. I will, of course, need access to the website/social media page. Price is $20.00 for one time set up or update, with $30.00 a month subscription offered for maintaining.

Online Research

Have a great idea for your blog, research paper, or news story but need more research, and little time. You are in the right place, I will provide great credible online research on any topic you provide based on your needs. Along with each link, I provide, I will give a short 300 word summary of the source and what it is about; and who is behind it. I will provide a total of 1o different online sources for whatever your needs are per-package. Price is $20.00 for every 10 links.

 Executive Summary

Need a report, book, paper, or anything else summarized down to its fundamentals for presentations and such. You have come to the right place. I will provide a detailed summary of those fundamentals in 1000 words or less. Only what you need to know to give a report or have a discussion about it. Price is $20.00.

Writing Pro

Do you do a lot of writing for your job or do you like to blog online and have a specific topic or project that you don’t have time for but need/want it done nonetheless? Just tell me what needs to be written, and what for, and I will do the writing for you. Will write good persuasive, informative content based on your needs.

Price range:

300-500 words, $7.00      


700-800 words, $10.00     


1000-1200 words, $15.00   



Proofreading/Editing Pro

Got a writing project done, but need a look over to make sure spelling and grammar are correct as well as the flow and that what you have written gets your point across? I Will provide a look over and the “magic touch” to make sure your writing is as near perfect as humanly possible. Will work with a variety of writing projects and make sure that your writing project, be it an article, blog post, essay, even a letter will be ready and useful for your needs. I will not only make sure your grammar, spelling and sentence structure is correct but will provide recommendations on the use of your wording to better serve your needs.

Price range:

300-500 words, $10.00      


700-800 words, $14.00    


1000-1500 words, $18.00  


2000 words and above starts at $25.00 with $5.00 added for every extra 500 words. 


For editing books/manuscripts or any other “large volume of writing, the price will be negotiable.

Basic Constant Media Content Maintenance 

Basic Social Media/Website Content Upkeep Subscription:

For $30.00 a month you can rest comfortably knowing that your business/organization’s social media and/or Website content will have a regularly constant supply of content to keep it/them happy. For this, there is a limit of 300-400 words per post. Example: one to two quick posts of either pictures or motivational quote a day. 

Basic Editing/Writing Subscription 

For those who either have a lot of writing and/or editing needs each month or their needs are very unpredictable that it would not benefit to order and pay for a service each and every time, DCB Writer’s Consultant offers a $35.00 a month subscription for maintaining services on call for regular or irregular planed needs.

Premium Package

For $50.00 a month you get both help with maintaining content on your Websites and social media pages and help with any other writing needs as well as any editing needs. No Word limit per posts for online content. Example: one to two quick posts of either pictures or motivational quote a day plus a nice long detailed 700-1000 word article either every two weeks or once a month. 

For any and all of my products/services that I offer here, you just need to contact me and tell me what you need and for payment, I will send an invoice, or you can pay here.

Contact Info:

email – chaseblosser@me.com

Cell – (832) 439-9327