Proofreading/Editing Pro






Got a writing project done, but need a look over to make sure spelling and grammar are correct as well as the flow and that what you have written gets your point across? I Will provide a look over and the “magic touch” to make sure your writing is as near perfect as humanly possible. Will work with a variety of writing projects and make sure that your writing project, be it an article, blog post, essay, even a letter will be ready and useful for your needs. I will not only make sure your grammar, spelling and sentence structure is correct but will provide recommendations on the use of your wording to better serve your needs.

Price range:

300-500 words, $10.00

700-800 words, $14.00

1000-1500 words, $18.00

2000 words and above starts at $25.00 with $5.00 added for every extra 500 words. 

For editing books/manuscripts or any other “large volume of writing, the price will be negotiable.


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