I love to write and I love to read and learn. Thus, I got into blogging when I was in College working on my Bachelor’s degree in History with a minor in Political Science; I graduated from Sam Houston State University in December of 2014. For me, writing is to just a job or a calling but it is how I express myself. For me writing is a way of life; if I have an idea no matter how small or big I will write it down regardless of where I am or what I am doing.

I always had the plan to be a writer just was not sure what that path would take. I had gotten the idea of freelance writing/editing when I had attended CPAC (Conservative Political Action Conference) one year and a guy contacted me afterwords about doing some work for him. I did and he like the results and so did I, thus I started on the path of offering my services as a writer/editor.

I regally volunteer in ministries dear to my heart and am an active member of my church, St. Stephen’s Episcopal Church in Huntsville, Texas. The main ministry that I partake in is Kairos Prison ministry with a focus on bringing/sharing the “love of God” to the “Men in White” and changing the culture of the prisons.